Through the dealer network, customer feedback and manufacturer test and development, all production cars benefit from modifications to the original specification, and the XJ220 supercar is no exception.

For example, the brakes were state of the art when designed in the late 1980's, but were obsolete in the terms of Super car effectivity by the mid 1990's, by which time many XJ220's were clocking up mileage.

Don Law offer a comprehensive range of upgrades to improve the performance and useability of the standard XJ220. Many of the performance modifications are a direct result of our racing success, whilst other upgrades are born from responding to our customers needs.

Some examples, developed through our racing experience and circuit development of standard cars are;

STAGE 1 - Servo upgrades.
STAGE 2 - Pad material, balance and ducting.
STAGE 3 - Full upgrade of uprights, disks and calipers to Group 'N' racing specification.

Engine Building.
Exhaust modifications.
Turbo upgrades.
ECU programming and engine mapping.

Comprehensive range of suspension modifications and tuning.

Heated windscreens.
GPS installation.
Parking sensors.
Tailored ICE systems.
Enhanced headlight/ spotlights.
Seating & leg room modifications
Boot modifications:

One of the least practical aspects of the XJ220 is the limited luggage space. To address the needs of our customers we have developed a boot modification which increases luggage capacity by 260%.

The Don Law XJ220:
'Punchier at speed and beutifully weighted'

Classic & Sportscar

Standard XJ220 Boot: Boot Modification:

Don Law Racing can provide any modification you desire. Please contact us to discuss these or any other upgrade ideas you have.